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Symbol Technical Advisory Committees


Soon after the announcement of the Bar Code Symbol was announced it was clear there would be a requirement to address questions about technical details in the symbol.  Larry Russell, one of the key McKinsey consultants made the initial suggestion for STAC and the mission of
  1. Refining the symbol specification
  2. Interfacing to other code groups on issues about the symbol
  3. Advising the Uniform Grocery Product Code Council  (UGPCC) about conflicts in use and definition within the specifications
  4. providing some missionary work to encourage adoption of the symbol
Six different subcommittees were created in May of 1973:

STAC Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs
STAC Co-Chairmen Richard J. Mindlin - Executive VP, Uniform Product Code Council
Everett Smith Jr - Chief Packaging Engineer, Reynolds Metals
STAC 1  Printability gage and film master production Tom Lemay - Director of Quality Assurance, Contenintal Can
Paul R Guy - VP Research/Technical Services, Schawk Graphics
STAC 2  Converter, Printing Processes, and Film Master Quality Control
Rudi Faller - Directory of Marketing Services, Champion International
STAC 3  Scanning Computers and Related Equipment
Francis X. Beck Jr, Group Manager, Sperry Univac
STAC 4  In Store Equipment Other Than Checkout Computers
David C. Allais - Interface Mechanisms
STAC 5  Problem Substrates, Color, Ink and Measurement

STAC 6  Graphics and Symbol Location
Max M Lamont - VP Packaging Design, Quaker Oats
B. C. Sturgis - Projects Engineer, Weyerhauser Company
Arthur Harckham - Director Corporate Packaging, T J Lipton

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