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Board of Governors (1973)

Uniform Grocery Product Code Council

  • Robert A. Stringer, General Foods
  • Fritz Biermeier, Red Owl Stores, Inc.
  • K. Marvin Everts, Jr.  Stokley Van Camp
  • Alan Haberman, First National Stores, Inc
  • William J. Hollis, American Can Company
  • Arthur D. Juceam, Lehn & Fink Products
  • Robert R Koenig, Super Valu Stores, Inc
  • Curt Kornblau, Super Market Institute
  • Robert F. Lee, Johnson & Johnson
  • Donald P. Lloyd, Associated Food Stores, Inc.
  • Thomas P. Nelson, General Mills, Inc
  • William E. Oddy, Jewel Food Stores
  • John L. Strubbe, Kroger Company
  • Wilbur Stump, Stump's Enterprises, Inc.

The Uniform Groery Product Code Council (UGPCC) became the governing board for guiding the standardization efforts once the U.P.C. Symbol was announced. 

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