Other Information Sources

Barcodes exceptional success in identifying product for sale purposes, inventory and manufacturing control and other applications has resulted in many books on the subject.  Here are some that you can purchase from on-line retailers:

  1. Stephen Brown's book Revolution at the Checkout Counter a detailed authoritative book by the legal counsel working with the U.P.C. Symbol Selection Committee.

  2. George Laurer, Engineering was Fun a readible biography of an IBM engineer's life with 37 pages on the events surrounding his design of the U.P.C. Barcode.

  3. Bill Selmeier, Spreading the Barcode the personal account of his experience working with grocery manufacturers and the packaging and printing industry to encourage placing the Barcode on consumer packaging and his experience helping IBM to evolve its electronic cash register products to be competitive in the market of the 1970s. The book's webpage contains excerpts about the process and challenges to changing the way the world shops.

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