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U.P.C. Barcode Symbol Selection Committee

Created on March 31, 1971, the Symbol Selection Committee was charged determining the value to create a symbology for the U.P.C. Product ID and then creating or selecting what it would be.  The committee was to have completed its work by April1, 1972 or within two years.  It announced its results on March 31, 1973, within the original charter date.

The Symbol Selection Committee Members

Retaillers and Associations
John Hayes VP at H.J. Heinz Alan Haberman, Ex VP at First National Stores
Bill Galt, Asst. Controller at Delmonte
Eric Waldbaum, President at Greenbelt Consumer Services
Barry Franz, EDP Manager at Procter & Gamble
Represetatives from Winn-Dixie
Representatives from General Foods
Fritz Biermeier of Red Owl

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