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The Formal Process Achieving the U.P.C.

There had been several proposals and many insights pointing to the advantage of introducing technology into the retail checkout process.  Technology would not only simplify the processes of handling merchandise within the store but also expand the knowlege about what was happening inside the retail outlets.  Mass outlets such as Discounters and Groceries were going to follow a standard industry product identification approach versus the retail individually price marked item approach in traditional retailing and speciality outlets.

Traditional retaillers and speciality shops pursued systems with in-store marking and tagging, while mass outlets like the Grocery Industry pursued a common product ID and technology reading that was marked on the products at its source.

There had been a series of tentative investigations, but in August of 1970 the Grocery Manufacturing Association, the Supermarket Institute and the National Association of Food Chains facilitated a meeting of a small number of representative firms at the Carrousel Inn just north of Cincinnati, OH.   The attendees  became known as the Ad Hoc Committee and with relatively few membership changes (mostly additions), this group sheparded the process from concept to fruition in what resulted as the Universal Product Code and Symbol.  Others were added over the next year or two.

Ad Hoc Committee

Grocery Manufacturer Executive and Technical Members
Grocery Retailler Executive and Technical Members
H J Heinze
  • Executive Member - R Burt Gookin, Chairman of Ad Hoc Committee and  CEO of H.J. Heinze
  • Technical Member  - John Hayes - General Manager Marketing Services
Kroger Corporation
  • Executive Member - Robert O. Aders, Chairman of the Board
  • Technical Member - John L. Strubbe, VP
Gerneral Foods
  • Executive Member - Art Larkin, CEO
  • Technical Member  - Bob Stringer, VP Distribution
Associated Food, Salt Lake City
  • Executive Member - Don Lloyd, President
  • Technical Member -

General Mills
  • Executive Member - James P. McFarland,  CEO
  • Technical Member - Tom Nelson, VP -Controller
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P)
  • Executive Member -W J. Kane, President
  • Technical Member -Dean Potts
Interstate Brands - Fairmont Foods
  • Executive Member - Gordon Ellis, President
  • Technical Member - Bill Logan, VP, Administration
Super Valu
  • Executive Member - James Wayman, President
  • Technical Member -
  • Executive Member - Gavin MacBain, Chairman of the Board
  • Technical Member - Fred Butler, VP, Operations
Madsen Enterprises
  • Executive Member - Earl Madsen, President
  • Technical Member
Gerber Products Company (added later)
  • Executive Member - John C. Suerth, President
  • Technical Member -

First National Stores (added later)
  • Executive Member - Alan Haberman, Ex VP

Winn-Dixie Stores (added later)
  • Executive Member - Burt L Thomas, President
  • Technical Member

Wegman's Food Markets, Inc. (added later)
  • Executive Member - Robert B. Wegman, Chairman of the Board
  • Technical Member

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